The Men from Snowy River March

THE SNOWY Alpine Heritage Association (SAHA) has recently been successful in winning a $1000 grant from the Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) for research into the famous Men from Snowy River March 1916 in time for commemoration of the World War 1 Centenary in 2014.

Historian and SAHA committee member Dr Rosemary Stewart-Beardsley said, "We are delighted to be one of 30 recipients from a field of 70 applicants to receive a grant. This research objective is to identity the local volunteers from the Snowy River Shire who joined the famous Men From Snowy River WW1 recruitment march in 1916. We will identify and write a brief history of the service of as many of them as is possible."

To do this members of the research team will undertake a thorough search for the existence of any relevant letters, diaries and photographs of these men as well as newspaper accounts of both the march and the theatres of war they served in overseas.

The results of this research will be published in an illustrated history of the Men From Snowy River march as it related to these men - the conditions they faced, both en route to Goulburn and thereafter. This publication will be then made available to the public.

"The Association would love to hear from anyone with information of the servicemen who may have attended the march or any related stories. All contributions will be gratefully accepted for this project" Dr Beardsley said.

'The Men From Snowy River ' began in Delegate on Thursday January 6, 1916. The volunteers then set out for the training camp at Goulburn, a distance of some 220 miles or almost 570 kilometres. Their route took them through the towns along what is now the Monaro Highway, reaching Cooma on January 15 and arriving in Goulburn on January 29, 1916. Of the 144 men recruited from the march, many of them formed part of the 4th Reinforcements of the 55th Battalion.

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