Students find the plot

To celebrate Children's Week Snowy Mountains Grammar School hosted visiting South Australian authors Christine and David Harris. Christine is the author of the best-selling series "Audrey of the Outback" and David has written the exciting "Cliff-hanger" books for older children.

Shrieks of laughter were heard coming from the library when David asked students to invent a 30 second story using two words as a basis for a plot "a Princess and a Potato".

This resulted in some hilarious stories.

The Junior School students from years 2 -6 had many interesting questions to ask the authors. Shelby Holland, Year 5 wondered how to begin a new chapter when you have finished the previous chapter on an electrifying note.

The answer, said Christine, is to write the chapter and cut it, much like a segmented insect. Students were encouraged by the authors to observe, research and record all their ideas in a notebook.

Snowy Mountains Grammar School thanked the Snowy Mountains Readers and Writers Festival Committee for supporting this event. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Christine and David Harris.

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