Winds cause damage to properties

HIGH WINDS in Jindabyne caused significant damage to properties last week.

Reports and requests for assistance were received by the NSW SES for properties that sustained roof damage and imploded windows as a result of strong wind gusts.

The SES received requests for assistance through Wednesday afternoon, and with the Severe Weather Warning in place by the Bureau of Meteorology, the calls rose throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

“Jindabyne has been impacted by damaging winds, with about 20 requests for assistance with major damge to some homes and the Snowy River Grammar School has lost part of its roof,” according to Deputy Commissioner Steve Pearce.

The SES urged people to prepare themselves for the weather, and asked that if they had not already done so, to take heed before the winds - with 150kph gusts on the peaks - reached them.

Lake Jindabyne became a seething mass of water which reminded many of extreme surf conditions in coastal areas, not the quiet and peaceful lake residents are used to. 

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