Students dress up to help learning

Junior school students from Snowy Mountains Grammar School participated in many exciting activities in conjunction with National Literacy and Numeracy Week held in late August.

The students entered in nationwide competitions in story writing and mathematics with some very pleasing results. The week culminated with a 'Literacy and Numeracy Celebration Day' in which students attended school dressed as their favourite book character.

The students then spent the day participating in a multitude of activities facilitated by the wonderful parent body.

Some of these involved creating stories on ipads, making patterns with fruit loops, ipad maths activities, describing different items that were tasted and touched, measuring their bodies, graphing and developing acrostic and animal shape poems.

The overall aim of the day was to foster a love of learning and to strengthen the special bond that already exists between the older and younger students at the school. The students, parents and teachers alike all thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next exciting event at the school.

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