How much do we rely on our phones?

Brooke Crawford.

Brooke Crawford.

Brooke Kennedy.

Brooke Kennedy.

Fenneke Bannister.

Fenneke Bannister.


SNOWY Mountains Grammar School hosted an entertaining Senior Drama Showcase on Monday July 28.

The Year 11 Drama students spent last term developing their performance, taking on backstage roles as well as playing a part in their production of 'THS PHN 2.0'.

The play was a reflection of the way communication has come a long way technologically but just how far have we come as a social beings?

Have we let technology control our lives? What would the world come to if we had no phones, no laptops?

In preparation for this performance Year 11s studied how society has changed with technology.

Throughout the creation process the class had its highs and lows but in the end we all managed to make it work - the final performance was a success.

The audience was highly engaged, laughing along with the humorous characters and the worlds they had created. We hope this performance inspired the audience to think before next taking their phone out of their pocket and instead, perhaps deciding to live in the moment.

Now thinking ahead to Year 12, we have some very big shoes to fill. All of the HSC performances presented last night were thought provoking. You could see the amount of effort that had been put into devising their group piece, monologues and video.

Although not yet polished performances , these ranged from comments on what we're doing to our planet to how a mother of three survives on a daily basis or what the seven deadly sins may look like.

All together the atmosphere of the night was creative and communal. I know all students had a great time performing and got so much out of the evening.

A special thank you to Luke Kneller (SMGS 2009) and Mrs Hannah Moloney (from JCS) for coming along to offer their support and feedback.

This was much appreciated as Yr 12s now look towards their HSC practical exam in just a few weeks.

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