Lyrical learning

Year 3 students enjoying the performance by Antoinette Braeder.

Year 3 students enjoying the performance by Antoinette Braeder.

Year three students, from Jindabyne Central School, were recently visited by accomplished musician and song writer Antoinette Braeder.

Antoinette has written many songs about the area that both locals and visitors enjoy.

"I created the CD, "Our songs from the High Country", so people could possibly listen to music that connects them to both the geography and people of the Snowy Mountains, whilst they were travelling through the region," Antoinette said.

Antoinette went to the year three music class to teach the students her song "Jindabyne" and to discuss the song writing process.

She was asked many questions from interested students.

Some of the questions asked were:

Hannah: When you write a song or record music is it like writing a poem?

Antoinette: Yes - just like a poem - and then you find a melody to go with the words.

Jock: When did you start writing songs?

Antoinette: I've been singing along since I was your age - making up little tunes with words to tell a story.

Saxon and Tyler: How long did it take you to write "Jindabyne" - is it your best song and was it hard to write?

Antoinette: When you write a song you have no idea if it's good or not. It's different for everyone. I kept changing the words - so it took a few weeks to finish those. I would make up a tune one day - but when I woke up the next I couldn't remember it! That's when the recorder on a phone comes in handy.

Lia: Did you enjoy writing the song "Jindabyne"?

Antoinette: It was great fun. I was travelling at the time in New Zealand so I had lots of free time to day dream.

Evie: How do you get the ideas for writing the song?

Antoinette: My son learnt to spell 'Australia' because of a song sung by Don Spencer on Play School. When I realised that some kids were having trouble spelling 'Jindabyne' - I thought I'd better write a song.

Sophie and Annabelle: When you were young did you always want to be a songwriter?

Antoinette: I played the piano from an early age - and my Mum and I always used to sing around the house - but I dreamt of being a Vet.

Archie and Riley: How long does it take to get the rhythm of a song?

Antoinette: I think the rhythm is the easy part. Finding the rhythm in the words can be tricky.

Jessie: How do you record a song and what instruments do you need?

Antoinette: We recorded with piano, vocals and percussion.

Charlie: Where did you get the song recorded?

Antoinette: My friend has a recording studio in Queanbeyan - so he pressed all the right buttons!

Mya: How long have you been playing the piano?

Antoinette: Since I was four. My Grandmother had a piano and I was often at her house - so I thought it was just a fun thing to do.

Finlay and Shannon: Do you enjoy playing the piano - is it fun to learn?

Antoinette: I think being able to put beautiful sounds together is really cool - and then you can sing along as well. You don't have to sing well - just sing and have fun!

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