Jindabyne resident appy with creation

JINDABYNE'S John Gittany has designed an app for Apple iOS devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod - called Connect to Travel.

"It is an app that gets people together for travel," Mr Gittany said.

"The dates for travel can be known because they can be set up to three months into the future so drivers and passengers can set times and dates and communicate.

"I know it is like hitchhiking, but you can get to know a person well in advance of a trip.

"Phone numbers can be given, number plates [or] whatever would make it comfortable before [your] journey.

"It helps people in Jindabyne and other regional areas find transport to (in our case) Cooma, Canberra or even Sydney.

"People also are registered with Facebook, so you would be able to access their profile.

"[It] really only need[s] as many people to download it as possible, drivers especially. No trip needs to be accepted by either the driver or the passenger, there is no obligation.

"Rather than cars travelling with only one person - the driver alone - to doctors, shopping or for whatever reason to the larger towns or cities, people without transport, or other drivers, may benefit as well as the driver saving on fuel expenses.

"There are a variety of reasons for travel. It has been my experience over the years when I have often heard people say, "there should be a way of letting people know that they are going to we could have gone with them".

"A driver may need to travel long distances and needs a fellow driver, or just needs company on a road trip, the new Apple iOS app, Connect to Travel, may be able to help to take passengers, either for free or, have some contribution towards fuel from the passenger.

"Get to know each other before the journey. The best thing is getting to know each other before travel.

"In winter, staff or skiers/snowboarders can organise travel to the snowfields in advance rather than hitchhike on the side of the road."

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