Unsafe poplar trees no more

Work on removing the 12 poplar trees in Berridale has now been completed. Photo: Steve Cuff.

Work on removing the 12 poplar trees in Berridale has now been completed. Photo: Steve Cuff.

POPLAR trees in Berridale that were deemed unsafe have now been removed.

Twelve of the 44 trees were removed.

The trees were planted in 1936 by children at the Berridale School and have long been the iconic landmark of Berridale, but as the years have passed the trees have approached the end of their lifespan.

The high risks associated with those trees included diseased trunks, falling limbs, damage to private and public infrastructure, traffic and human hazard and can no longer be left unattended.

"It is important to remember that trees are living things and therefore like all of us, do not live forever," Snowy River Shire General Manager, Joseph Vescio said, previously.

"What we as Council and as a community must do now is consider the future direction of the avenue. At some stage in the next 10-20 years many of the trees' health will continue to decline and become too great a risk, both a physical hazard and monetary burden upon Council, to reasonably maintain. If we start now, we can establish a plan, budget and management program to maintain the iconic avenue for future generations to enjoy."

The local community was consulted as to the future of the trees and while some community members still remain unsatisfied with the fact that the Berridale Poplars required removal, it was generally accepted that these iconic poplars are now reaching the end of their life and action needed to be taken.

The strongest message that Council received from the community was that any plans to replace the Berridale Poplars must include a management plan to ensure that future generations are not faced with a similar situation in years to come.

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