Winning work inspired by Man from Snowy River

Lake Light Sculpture Awards

Major Award - Thredbo $5,000 - 53 Jimmy Rix - Shy - Steel and cast iron. This work is representative of my country upbringing, surrounded by horses and being inspired by The Man from Snowy River. Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and Ireland since 1996. Has exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea seven times and has three large scale public commission sculptures in Sydney.

Illumination Award - Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa $2,500 - 54 Brad Spalding - Loserbago - Iron and timber (recycled and found objects). No modcons, just a roof over your head. Flushing toilets, hot shower and a fully equipped kitchen not available in this model. Studied fine art and design. Graduated 1979. Regular exhibitions for the last 35 years in Australia and Europe.

Michael Scott Lees People's Choice Award $500 - This award was split into two - day and night Peoples Choice each receiving $250 each. DAY - Michael Scott Lees and Tom Mifsud - From out of the dust and rust. NIGHT - Micheal Scott Lees - Let it Snow.

ANU Prize - Australian National University, three week residency - 34 Edward Wilson - The Watchman - Granite on recycled bridge timber. He stands tall, and he sees all. Sculptor based in Bermagui, working mostly in stone.

Waste to Art - Snowy River Shire Council $1,500 - 47 Steve Croquett Flies - Barbed wire and scrap metal. Award winning local sculptor. More than 30 exhibitions throughout the country since 2007, including Sculpture by the Sea both Sydney and Western Australia.

Environment Award - Snowy River Shire Council $1,000 - 42 Peta Levy Drum Roll - 44 gal drums 2012 Spirit of the Land, Lockhart. 2012 Sculpture in the Gaol, South West Rocks.

Youth Award - The Lantern Thredbo Apartments $500 - 38 Braidwood Central School Birds of a Feather - Steel and concrete. A convivial communion of friends, all distinctly individuals, but bound together, sharing something special. Braidwood Central School Year 8 to 11 students studying sculpture.

Schools Award - Perisher $500 - 6 Running of the Rhinos - Jindabyne Central School Running of the Rhinos - Ceramics. Something we would all like to see in the wild, from a distance of course. Year 8 Students from Jindabyne Central School.

Encouragement Award - South East Arts $500 - 43 Dylan Brown - OVO Recycled steel. This sculpture is supposed to signify creation and rebirth. I'm a 17-year-old and have lived in Jindabyne my whole life and love creating things. I have entered Lake Light for the past six years.

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