Forum Home launched on Chamber site

THE new Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce website has introduced their "Forum Home" recently where members can discuss issues, various topics and advise of future events to be advertised.

Now members can attend the meeting in their own time and own home where they can have their input and discuss matters that relate to them or they care to offer a particular view.

This will save many wasted hours debating at actual scheduled chamber meetings but at the same time allowing members to voice an opinion and importantly have their say.

"The vision of the Chamber of Commerce in Jindabyne is simple... to be an organisation that facilitates the establishment and development of ideas, events, and infrastructure to assist the economic, employment and business growth of the Jindabyne community," chamber chairman Christina Anderson said.

"So, whatever your suggestion, your question, your observation...please feel free to leave a note on this forum so your ideas and comments can be taken on board."

In the forum area members can join discussion threads (conversations) with all key people in the area including Federal and State Members for Parliament, Dr Peter Hendy and John Barilaro as well as Tourism Snowy Mountain's Neil Thew.

If members feel strongly about a certain issue in the Jindabyne area, they can raise it in the forum, see fellow members submit their responses and discussions and then the chamber as a large group can act accordingly to help resolve the issue with any relevant party.

When actual chamber meetings are now scheduled, all the main discussion on most issues would have already taken place and opinions formed, where the chamber can then make final decisions and move on with other important business, saving valuable time for everyone involved.

The chamber urges all members to login and be active in the forum on threads including council, website feedback, beautification, shared trail committee and celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the relocation of "new" Jindabyne.


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