Students united by nations

ALL 670 Jindabyne Central School (JCS) students united on Friday to celebrate cultures and customs from around the world for Harmony Day.

Japan was the first country to be showcased at the whole-of-school Harmony Day ceremony.

Children were treated to a sumo wrestling match, a kendo demonstration - a modern martial art using bamboo swords - and a game of hanetsuki, a traditional Japanese game similar to badminton played with a rectangular wooden paddle.

Kindergarten students performed a dance and song titled People All Around the World while there were displays of songs, music and dance from Latin America, New Zealand, Germany, Africa and South America.

Australia wasn't forgotten with Year Nine and 10 music students singing Inanay, a traditional indigenous song, and drama students performed an original Harmony Day act.

The aim of the Harmony Day ceremony was to promote acceptance of cultural diversity, celebrate the school's harmonious community, raise awareness of multiculturalism and fundraise for charities including Snowy Hydro South Care.

Following the ceremony students from Years Five to 12 were able to sample foods from around the world.

Relieving deputy principal Michael Kowalewski thanked parents, students and teachers for their contribution.

"The event is truly a whole of school one - it involves all the students in the school, parents and teachers," he said.

"The buzz around the school makes it one of the most anticipated events of the year."

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