Hot Laser racing

ANOTHER hot summer's day on Wednesday last week was followed by a windy evening. Ian Foster manned the start boat and sent the 14 boat fleet off on a port rounding anti-clockwise direction course. After the usual jostling on the start line, the Hobie 17s of Tim Symons and Nick Deacon slipped through to lead the fleet on the first windward work to the Quarry mark.

Tim's trapeze failed again, dumping him in the water and capsizing his boat. By the time Tim righted his boat the other cats had completed the first large triangle lap of the course. He then set off in pursuit.

The catamaran fleet sailed the large course using the Mountain mark on the triangle laps while the mono-hulls raced on the regular inside course involving the Peninsular mark. Joel Van Weel joined the Laser fleet along with his brother Leigh. Phil Daly sailed his Flying Fifteen on his own and without the spinnaker on the square run legs. Phil eventually slipped to the front of the fleet, but not by much.

Behind Phil the Laser fleet battled hard. The Full rig boats of Jason Abbott and Graeme Bradbury tried valiantly to keep ahead of Joel on his laser radial. By the end of the full length, five lap, course, Phil led the mono-hulls to the finish line. Joel managed to sneak ahead of Jason and finished next nine seconds ahead of Jason. They were followed by Gote Vikstrom, Graeme, Martin Van Weel, Kerry McGaw, Ross Tattersall, Leigh and Ross Lawley on his OK Dinghy. The handicap corrected times gave Martin a well earned win followed by Ross T, Jason, Kerry, Joel, Leigh, Gote, Phil, Graeme and Ross L.

Nick Deacon led the cats around the course followed by Randy Wieman and Errol Hanlon on the Hobie 16 and Steve Ashe on the club's Windrush 14. They finished in this order with Tim following in fourth place only 40 seconds behind Steve. Randy took the win on Handicap corrected times from Nick, Steve and Tim.

Eleven boats rigged up on a hot Saturday afternoon. As there was plenty of breeze, a marathon course consisting of two laps around Lion and Cub islands was set. The boats gathered around the start line for a on the water start. Martin Van Weel's mast suddenly broken in a gust and he had to paddle his boat back to the beach.

Tim Symons' new tiller broke and he returned to the beach for some tape. He then set off to catch the fleet, doing so by the second buoy, Mountain mark. Tim battled over the following reach and windward legs with Randy Wieman and Errol Hanlon on the Hobie 16. Nine lasers chased the two cays around the course.

Steve Osborne, Graeme Bradbury and Jason Abbott led the laser fleet on their full rig boats. Michael Henley and Tom C joined the fleet on two club lasers for the first time. They joined Martin on the beach after one lap around the islands.

Randy slipped past Tim and led the fleet back to the beach after nearly an hour and a half's sailing. They were followed by Steve, Graeme, Jason, Gote Vikstrom, Kerry McGaw and Ross Tattersall. The handicap corrected times mixed up the results with Steve taking the win. He was followed by Graeme, Kerry, Ross, Gote, Jason, Tim and Randy.

Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club's regular races are back in full swing with good fleets of boats turning up. There's still plenty of fun sailing to be had on Lake Jindabyne.

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