A gorgeous Summer evening greeted the sailors

A gorgeous Summer evening greeted the sailors on Wednesday January 22 for the final race of the 2014 Foundation Cup series. Eight mono-hulls and three catamarans rigged up to race while John Byrne sailed around on one of the club's lasers.

Steve Ashe manned the start boat for the first time and sent the fleet off into a light South Easterly breeze on an anti-clockwise course.

The sailors jostled for the best position on the start line while Tim Symons returned to the beach to fix a jammed centreboard on his Hobie 17. He was then late for the start and watched the fleet reach the first Quarry mark while he crossed the start line.

Barry Dennis on his Hobie 17 led the fleet around the first triangle lap, followed by Phil Daly and Nick Kirshner on the repaired Flying Fifteen. A gaggle of lasers followed. With the assistance of a small gust on the second leg's square run, Tim reached the fleet by the Peninsular mark and soon set off in pursuit of Barry and Phil. A tight group of five Lasers battled with each other.

Barney Davis and his son on the club Windrush 14 cat, Steve and Peta Truscott on their NS 14 and Ross Lawley on his OK Dinghy were also in the mix.

Barry and Tim led the fleet around the course with the lead changing several times as they tried to get the best advantage from every wind shift. Graeme Bradbury and his laser full rig moved to lead the lasers followed by the laser radial sailors.

Martin Van Weel led this group until an untimely capsize allowed Kerry McGaw to pass him. Ross Tattersall completed this tight group of boats.

Steve Ashe shortened the course to four laps. Tim and Barry rounded the last mark together, then raced to the line. They reached the line as Steve was ere-positioning the start boat due to correct a dragging anchor. Barry snuck ahead and crossed the finish line 10 seconds ahead of Tim.

They were followed by Phil, Graeme, Kerry, Barney, Martin, Ross T and Steve T. Ross L and Kirrily Olejniczak didn't complete the course. The yardstick corrected times mixed up the results with Kerry taking the win. He was followed by Graeme, Martin, Ross T, Phil, Steve T, Barry, Tim and Barney.

Heat 12 of the 2013/14 Saturday series was held by Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club on Saturday. Eight boats raced on a sunny and windy afternoon. The race started with a "rabbit start" from the Peninsular mark. The strong and gusty South Westerly breeze made the first windward work extremely tricky.

Tim Symons capsized his Hobie 17 when the trapeze broke and left him in the lake. He righted the craft only to have it immediately capsize again. Joel Van Weel on the club rescue boat assisted Tim to right his boat, he then returned to the beach to get warm.

Barry Dennis sailed his Hobie 17 from the back of the fleet to the front of the fleet. The six lasers all battled with each other around the course. Steve Osborne and Graeme Bradbury led the lasers on their Laser Full rigs. The Laser radials were led by Martin Van Weel who was followed by Gote Vikstrom, Kerry McGaw and Ross Tattersall. The handicap corrected times mixed up the results with Martin taking the win from Graeme, Steve, Ross, Kerrry, Gote and Barry.

Joel Van Weel ran a training course after the race sharing his laser sail trim and racing knowledge with several of the Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club laser sailors. All the sailors appreciated his assistance and plan to use the knowledge gained in upcoming races and regattas.

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