New trees for Jindabyne

The Snowy River Shire council is continuing work on the Jindabyne Beautification Plan with the planting of new trees along Kosciuszko Road.

The trees being planted are from the family of the Manchurian Pear and have been selected for their non invasive root system and the shape of their canopy which will not obstruct the view of traffic entering the main road from side streets.

The seasonal beauty of the species contribute to a cohesive street character and offer dappled sunlight during winter and shade in summer as well as contrasting colour for seasonal interest.

Two rows of these trees have already been planted on both sides of Kosciuszko Road and will continue down towards the town centre, allowing for the 'avenue' effect through the Jindabyne township with the aim of creating a formal streetscape.

This cohesive street tree character planting style will over time formulate the basis for an 'Autumn Leaves' theme in Jindabyne.

The Jindabyne Beautification Plan, which was adopted by the council in 2006 after consultation with the community, is an ongoing project which aims to improve the visual impact along the entry corridor.

A small number of gum trees outside the Catholic Church road reserve are scheduled for removal as a part of the Plan.

The council would also like to assure residents that the Beautification plan aims to enhance the visual impact of the entrance to Jindabyne, not degrade it in any way.

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