Night competition gets stronger

At the end of the 2013 half of the District Night Competition involving Berridale and Jindabyne teams, the Dorpers and the Merinos hold a slight lead with 20 and 19 points respectively, followed by the Dohnes on 17, the Dorsets on 16 and the Suffolks on 12.

Points are accrued with four for a win, two for a loss and three for a draw and to date the Dorpers, captained Luccarda, have won all of their games.

The Merinos are doing well with only one defeat and one washout. This team has a strong rural element with names like Hedger, Suthern, Wellsmore and captainted by Robyn Reid.

The leading Jindabyne team are the Dohnes ably led by Tony Edwards - good to have a policeman on the courts to keep law and order. One prominent member of the team is the octogenarian Pat Edmondson, a well known identity who continues to hit a good ball.

Due to a shortage of girls Gordon Griffin volunteered to fill the number two ladies position and we think he is enjoying his altered status.

The Dorsets are captained by Liza Cox. This is largely a young team with players such as Georgi Nikora, Cooper Stevenson, Kristian Blackmore-lee and Paddy McCraw and they are playing well and trying very hard. Once again girls were in short supply when the teams were formed and hence Terry Stevenson occupies the number one ladies position.

Amy Ladhams from Berridale kindly agreed to take up the number four ladies position in this team and she is really enjoying her tennis.

From all accounts and feedback the Jindabyne-Berridale night competition is enjoyed greatly by all participants who really appreciate the availability of four courts with lighst on three, which enables everyone to be home at a reasonable time and assists those players who have to travel some distance.

The Berridale Tennis Club members are very pleased with the outcome of the decision to launch the joint competition with Jindabyne and are hopeful that the ineraction will continue well into the future.

They wish their Jindabyne tennis friends every success in their efforts to have their courts upgraded. In the meantime they are most welcome at the Berridale courts.

Finally a word of appreciation to Chris Redmond and Colin Mould for their assistance in having a light replaced on court three.

Having floodlights on 10 metre poles makes for good tennis but when a bulb gives up the ghost it raises the difficulty of getting up there to replace it.

The Tuesday night social tennis continues until January28b with the Monaro District Competition resuming on February 1st and the night competition on Monday February 3.

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