Berridale's Poplars face the chop

The road to the snow is set for a radical shakeup in the future as Berridale's famous Poplar trees are likely to be removed and replaced.

It will take time - some years possibly - and will cost up to $230,000.

At least 11 of the 44 trees lining Berridale's main avenue are in the "high risk" category and there are problems with many others.

The problems include ageing, root issues, being too close to houses and the road, and obscuring views with potential road safety issues.

A comprehensive report has been prepared for the Snowy River Shire Council by arborist firm Arterra Design. Its main recommendation is for staged replacement over the next 10 to 15 years.

As a first stage, the high risk and low retention value trees should be removed in the short term while leaving the better groups of mature trees to maintain the avenue and its character.

The trees to be removed should be poisoned. Once they have died they should be cut down and the tree stumps removed.

Then, the new first phase planting should take place as soon as practicable, and probably placed further away from the road edges.

In front of houses this would also mean reducing the number of trees marginally.

The council's general manager, Joe Vescio, said the report was available on the council's website (and to view at the council's offices in Berridale and Jindabyne) and he invited residents to examine it.

"We encourage the community to read the report and be informed about the condition of the Poplars, look at the options and ongoing management," he said.

"It is a detailed and informative report and there is unlikely to one straightforward or simple answer to the issues."

However, the council was not seeking feedback. A consultation session will be held at Berridale in mid-February to discuss options with residents before any decisions are made.

"We will seek (residents') valued input at that time," Mr Vescio said.

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