Dirt Maidens

Inspired by the female mountain biking scene in Canada, The Dirt Maidens Challenge was designed to be an event for all levels of riders to encourage participation in the sport that has grown exponentially among local women since the creation of the Jindy Girl Riders almost two years ago.

The Dirt Maidens Challenge saw 75 riders from as far north as Port Macquarie and as far south as Phillip Island, gather together at Bungarra Alpine Centre to take part in the event. 

The beautiful flowing single track is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike, and the format of the day, a gravity cross-country time trial plus a longer cross-country event allowed the girls to put their best foot forward.

Individual riders were placed in teams, the Stars, Spots and Stripes, and their results combined to determine the winning team (which was the Stars!)

The most incredible part to see was the girls supporting other girls. The cheering at the finish line by riders who had already completed their run or laps gave the beginners the encouragement they needed to feel confident in their ability. 

The response from one of the first time riders says it all: “My favourite part of the event was doing something I have never done before and the support everyone shows each other - thank you so much”.

Claire McDonnell

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