Has anyone seen Harry?

'Massive' reward offered for his return.

It is one of the great mysteries of the year – what has happened to Harry, the Golden Retriever, who has vanished without trace from his 90 acre property near Jindabyne.

And it has all the hallmarks of a television thriller – a dog with epilepsy who likes chasing kangaroos and rabbits, a clairvoyant who thinks Harry might have been “adopted” by another family, and the involvement of a specialised ‘missing pets’ detective agency.

Plus anxious owners who have offered a ‘massive’ reward for Harry - $2,000.

Harry is three years-old and he disappeared from his property six weeks ago.

Harry’s ‘parents,’ husband and wife Phillip Ingram and Kai Kalda believe he went off chasing rabbits or kangaroos, went too far and become lost, and because it was raining couldn’t use scent to find his way home.

Frantic searches over the following days over a wide area failed to find any trace – and Harry hasn’t been seen since. Kai is at her ‘wit’s end’ with worry.

There is no evidence that he has come to any harm but his epilepsy is a worry – if he shows signs of being excessively sleepy or overly excited he might need help.

Ms Kalda has consulted a clairvoyant who is convinced Harry was picked up a day or so after he went missing and is safe with another family.

Ms Kalda has also sought the advice of a pet detective agency which specialises in finding missing pets. Letter box drops and posters have been circulated in many areas of Jindabyne, Berridale and Cooma.

The agency has reported that it can take a surprisingly long time for people to return someone else’s pet. They simply may not be aware that people are looking.

“As [Harry] didn’t vanish into thin air he must be with someone as he is a big dog and someone would have spotted him by now,” Ms Kalda says.

If Harry has been picked up, “it is hard to believe they could be so heartless as not to return him if they knew he was missing. He looks nothing like a stray or an abandoned dog and was wearing a collar,” she said.

The reward of $2,000 will be paid to the person who returns Harry or to the person who provides the information leading to his return.

Anyone with information about Harry are invited to contact 0418 458 926.

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