Justin Bieber at Rod Laver

Despite showing up more than an hour late, Justin Bieber shows why he's the biggest male pop star.

But along with money and fame, Bieber has acquired a few tattoos and no small measure of arrogance in the past few years, exemplified tonight by his arrival on stage more than an hour late, at 9:40pm. His young fans didn't seem too fazed, mind, rushing at the stage like stampeding buffalo at the sight of the ten-minute countdown timer, and screaming loud enough to make ears ring long after Bieber's 80-minute show.

To his credit, Bieber delivered. Pyrotechnics and literally launching up through the stage, rocket-style, was a commanding way to kick things off. Like RnB star Usher, the man who signed him back in 2008, on stage Bieber is the complete package - a slickly oiled machine of tight choreography, eyebrow-raising melisma, and confidence that's hard to argue with.

There were three costumes, all of which included low-slung jeans (revealing a whole lot of Calvin Klein boxers in the last act), his own brand of Adidas hi-tops (in white, red and black) and gloves to match each outfit, suggesting that perhaps Biebs feels an affinity with another late, great, gloved performer.

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