Song and dance lands on its feet

Two new pieces of public art for the Snowy River Shire will be installed in coming weeks. This move is in line with the council's recognition that public art plays a vital role in livening up public spaces, creating civic pride and attracting cultural tourists.

The new pieces of public art are:

Song and Dance, by artist Jesse Graham

This 2.9 metre steel sculpture will be installed along Kosciusko Road opposite the BP service station in Jindabyne. It will add interest and whimsy for travellers - on foot and driving past.

Ocean Dreams, by artist Steve Croquette

This beautiful piece, made of recycled scrap metal, is a metre high. It will be installed in front of the Jindabyne Post Office to liven up that corner.

For the past five years, the council has set aside funds for an acquisitive prize associated with the Lake Light Sculpture event, which is held on the foreshores of Lake Jindabyne every Easter. The council's Public Art Advisory Committee, which includes a mix of community members, council staff, and arts professionals, assesses and advises council about public art acquisitions.

This acquisition supports the Lake Light Sculpture event, encouraging economic development and the creative industries. In recent years, the community has benefited from the council's active engagement in public art projects such as the sculpture events, mural and seating projects.

These sculptures aim to further increase the enjoyment and participation of local communities in public art and cultural awareness across the shire.

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