Urban plant life

Dylan Brown, currently in Year 11 at Snowy Mountains Grammar School, has recently completed a metalwork sculpture for the garden at the school.

Entitled "Urban Plant Life", it is made up of various bits of scrap metal, wires and even features a nest in the branches.

Dylan stated that this piece of work took over 30 hours to construct and that he deliberately chose building materials to reflect the fact that many natural trees are cut down to make way for concrete buildings.

At first, Dylan was drawn into creating metalwork after watching his mother practise this as a hobby and claims that "inspiration comes easily" to him.

Dylan has entered pieces into the Lake Light Sculpture for the last five years.

The students at SMGS say "Urban Plant Life is awesome", and are "happy to have something a bit different in the garden".

They also consider Dylan to be very talented and look forward to seeing more of his work.

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