Climate: Mountains' uncertain future

The NSW ski resorts could face an uncertain future if predictions of rising temperatures caused by climate change turn out to be true.

Already, Snowy River Shire mayor John Cahill is warning that climate change could impact the ski industry, and agriculture.

His concerns were raised following a report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that said Australia could have increasing temperatures.

In addition, the CSIRO has warned of a 40 per cent decline in snow depth in the alpine regions over the last 40 years.

"Our two major industries, the snow season of course and agriculture will both be adversely affected if the projections come to fruition," Cr Cahill told the ABC.

"If the snow bank is substantially influenced ... that will adversely affect the numbers of people that visit the mountains and it will limit their ability to lengthen the season by such processes as making snow."

He said a great majority of the Monaro was in a rain shadow area.

Any further reduction in rainfall would greatly affect stock levels and have a great effect on the livelihood of landholders.

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