Talent abounds at Jindabyne Central

The performing arts are thriving at Jindabyne Central School, with every primary student showcasing their talents at last week's annual school concert.

Kindergarten to Year Six students performed everything from circus acts to baroque music as they entertained hundreds of family and friends in the school gymnasium during two concert performances.

The concert, which featured more than 400 students, kicked off with the primary school choir singing two songs they recently performed at the Australian National Eisteddfod for Choirs in Canberra.

When 53 super-cute kindergarten students marched on stage dressed as brightly-coloured birds, rainbows, angels, fish and rivers, it was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

The school's youngest students impressed with their choreographed actions and sweet voices as they sang "I Have A Dream".

It was a change of pace when Year Five students performed their version of the You Tube hit "Dumb Ways To Die".

Then, to the relief of their parents and teachers, announced a better approach would be to sing "Smart Ways To Live".

Next up was Ms Mugridge's Year Two class and their tiny tin car. The class sang "In My Car" as they attempted to pile everything from ninjas to princesses into the vehicle.

Perhaps the most colourful performance of the concert belonged to Year One's 1H and 1K when they sang a medley of rainbow songs culminating with "Rainbow Connection".

Mrs Cane's Year Three class entertained with their vegetable song followed by the senior band.

The second half of the concert started with the school's training and junior bands followed by a memorable performance on the drums by Year Six student Kodi Trevallion playing "I Shot the Sheriff".

Mrs Symons' Year One class put a new spin on an old classic when they performed "The Three Pigs Rap" to the delight of the audience.

Violinists from Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two entertained with four diverse pieces including "Best of Baroque" and "Stew Pot Hop".

Year Four was next on stage playing recorder along with the strings group, who recently performed at the Sydney Opera House before an audience of thousands.

3H was definitely having a bad hair day and sang a bouncy tune to commiserate their wild hairstyles.

Mrs Watman's Year Two class entertained with an energetic dance performance of Gary Galah.

The concert concluded with 5/6B joining 6K to perform an impressive circus act which featured dancers, jugglers and acrobats.

More musicians entertained throughout the concert including the Year Four girls' guitar group, Zac Corcoran playing a trumpet solo and Rhiannon Warner wowing with a trombone solo.

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