Asbestos removal

Snowy Hydro has successfully cleaned up a small deposit of asbestos found at Tumut 1 power station.

Some employees claimed to have been exposed to asbestos while performing some cleaning with damp rags in August.

The Electrical trades Union (ETU) imposed a workplace ban in some areas of the power station prior to test results being known. Air monitoring and dust sampling was undertaken at Tumut 1 and Tumut 2 power stations.

Snowy Hydro said that despite claims by some staff, all air samples showed that no asbestos was airborne, even during the cleanup.

Eighty-nine air samples were taken confirming there were no airborne asbestos fibres, and no employees had been exposed.

The results of the dust sampling was communicated to employees at Cabramurra and access to the relevant small area of the power station was restricted.

The dust was vacuumed up by a specialist contractor.

Snowy Hydro said some employees still felt concerned and voluntary free health checks were offered.

"This gave employees the opportunity to talk to a doctor and have a lung function check should they felt the need to," the company said.

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