Death of galahs

Four dead galahs were handed over to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) after they were found on a property in the heart of Bombala on Thursday.

NPWS has sent one carcass for laboratory analysis and Ranger Rachel Butterworth asks anyone with information to contact Parks on 6458 4080.

"These birds were found with blooded beaks and clenched claws, so while the cause of death may be natural, we want to rule out poisoning," Ms Butterworth said.

"Accidental poisoning can occur when birds come into contact with spilled pesticide or an area where a strong mixture has been used.

"Always dispose of chemicals responsibly and call the NSW Environment Line on 131 555 if you need advice.

"If you have information about these birds or know of more bird deaths in the area please call the National Parks and Wildlife Service."

Through education and information sharing, the Office of Environment and Heritage empowers people to become directly involved in caring for their local environment.

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