First time student trip to Japan

In the spring break 15 students of Jindabyne Central School (JCS) will tour the east coast of Japan with their Japanese language teacher.

The students who range from year 8 to Year 10 have been participating in a Japanese language program for more than two years.

This trip will assist them in consolidating their language skills as well as give them an insight into Japanese culture and lifestyles.

The students will visit Tokyo, Kamakura, Mt Fuji, Kyoto and Hiroshima. They will experience both traditional and modern Japan visiting many historical and world heritage sites, such as Kinkakuji, Kyoumizudera and Arashiyama.

Contrasting this will be visiting Sky Tree, the Sony Building and Ghibli studios.

The students and staff are very excited as this is the first time students of Jindabyne have had the opportunity to experience an overseas excursion. The excursion was initiated by the LOTE faculty of Jindabyne Central school and sanctioned by the Department of Education.

They will be creating a Facebook page so please follow their adventure.

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