No way out - maze demolished

ANYONE taking a trip along the Alpine Way recently would notice that the maze at Crackenback Cottage has been demolished.

When asked why, the owners Kerry Henderson and Keiran Murphy explained that regrettably the maze has become uninsurable.

Insurance companies were not prepared to wear the risk for the maze especially while the property was unattended. After extensive storm damage last summer the owners decided to demolish it.

After the maze was demolished the timber was classified into treated logs, painted panels and non-treated panels and separated. The useful timbers were recycled.

When asked what happened to the recycled timbers the owners explained how the maze lives on in the region. It has been used as cladding for a horse shed that has doubled as a wedding chapel recently.

A significant number of treated logs have also been scavenged and will be used locally to build sheds and garden beds.

The remaining treated timbers and the painted timbers were disposed of safely at the Jindabyne Land Fill. The small amount of non painted timbers that were not suitable to be recycled were burned.

When asked what the land will be used for now the owners commented they are enjoying the view of Crackenback Ridge for the moment, but plan to landscape the area.

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