The Men from Snowy River march

AFTER the horrifying loss of life at Gallipoli, the Australian government promised Britain it would provide 5,000 extra soldiers a month for the war in Europe. Through many rural regions of New South Wales recruitment marches were held. One of these was the "Men From Snowy River" march which left Delegate in early January 1916 to march to Goulburn, gathering volunteers along the way. They marched through Bombala to Cooma and on through Queanbeyan to the military training camp in Goulburn.

The march began with 14 men - by the time they entered Goulburn camp there were 144 marchers. Of these, 25 of them called the Snowy River Shire (back then known as the Dalgety Shire) home.

The Snowy Alpine Heritage Association (SAHA) researchers have uncovered great stories about some of these men thanks to the big-heartedness of several descendants of some of these men. As Mrs Greta Jones said, "Listening to the tales of the children and grandchildren of marchers sometimes moved us to tears. We cannot say just how much we appreciate their help".

SAHA is also delighted to acknowledge the research contribution being made by a group of year 11 HSC history students at Jindabyne Central School who each have chosen their "own" soldier. While their research is not yet complete, SAHP decided to put on an exhibition of their work to date.

"Life in the Snowies: people and places in the early 20th century" showcased some of "our" Snowy River marchers and the places they called home from all over the Snowy River Shire.

It was held at the Jindabyne CWA Hall on Thredbo Terrace (next to the Fire Station) at Easter. The "Life in the Snowies: people and places in the early 20th century."

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