Don't feed the wildlife

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) reminds the public not to feed native wildlife, both for the welfare of the animals and so they do not become pests.

NPWS Ranger for the Nowra Area Alex Deura says there has been a recent spate of native animals being reported as pests.

Unfortunately, it appears that often people have attracted the animals by feeding them.

"Cockatoos in particular have been reported damaging verandahs and eaves and in some cases it appears residents or their neighbours have been feeding the birds," Mr Deura said.

"Kangaroos are another species often reported as pests and in many of these cases we discover they have been fed.

"In urban areas, kangaroos can become a traffic hazard and they also may become quite aggressive, especially if their food supply stops."

Mr Deura said the consequences of feeding native birds included spreading disease through feed trays, displacing other native species, and unpleasantly loud noise and property damage.

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