Community teams get ready for 2013 Flowing Festival

As the 2013 Flowing Festival date gets closer, (February 16 and 17) the community teams are getting organised. Here are two team profiles.

The Guides

Returning from a short break from the Festival, the Guides are here again for another fun time on the water. last time they came they were a mass of colour - this year their dress-up is a closely guarded secret. The Guides have two entered teams this year.

Thunderation comprises guides aged twelve to fifteen from all over New South Wales and the ACT and none of them of them have ever paddled in a dragon boat before.

Mighty Mighty Girl Guides comprises older guides, leaders and parents. Two are regular paddlers, one was a regular paddler and several have paddled in the Flowing Festival or the Dragons Abreast Regattas in the past.

The Guides are intending to arrive in time for a training session on Saturday afternoon and they have a secret plan - to have a lot of fun.

The older ones really want the girls to realise how much fun dragon boating is so they'll be as hooked on it as they are and want them to enjoy the whole weekend with all the attractions of the festival before they have to put their heads down for school.


This is one of the power-houses of the Community event, not just because they won the event on the water last year, but because they bring their own carnival atmosphere, with face painting, party food and fun activities.

The team consists of the educators, partners, owners, families and friends of the centre.

They have a wide variety of ages competing and all are excited about competing again. The team has some new rowers as well as rowers who have been paddling since the first year.

For Gidgillys it is not about winning but about participating in a great community event. Jo and the team put on a great event and they love being a part of it every year. Their strong crew all have a great time participating in this event, and winning last year was a bonus for them!

They want to show the children that they care for that it is not about winning but about trying things, having fun and showing good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.

The Flowing Festival is ready to get go - are you ready to get wet? It's not too late to enter, but make it quick!

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